Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Kids - Koalas
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Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Kids - Koalas
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    Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Kids - Koalas

      Introducing our new Funkins ice packs for lunch boxes! Lunchtime keeps getting more fun with Funkins – our reusable gel ice packs come in all your favorite Funkins characters, are non-toxic and food safe.  Freeze and use to help to keep lunches and meals on-the-go fresh for hours.

      • Bright and cheerful, these ice packs are designed with fun graphics your little one will love!
      • Perfectly sized for lunch bags, and little hands.
      • Before and after use, wash with warm soapy water, avoid abrasives, and then dry and freeze flat overnight or until frozen solid.
      • Safe for kids, no lead, BPA or phthalates
      • Non-toxic, made of Glycerol, CMC, purified water
      • Sized at approximately 5 x 5”