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Frequently Asked Questions



Is Kiddy Planet a Canadian company?

Yes. Kiddy Planet is a young Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario.

Does Kiddy Planet have stores?

No, we do not have any brick and mortar stores. Kiddy Planet is a 100% online commerce.

Can I find Kiddy Planet’s products in other stores?

No. We are still in discussion with few partners.

Are Kiddy Planet products made in Canada?

No. As of today our products are thought and designed in Canada but are manufactured in different countries. Some of our future collections will be made in Canada.



Delivery What are the delivery charges and timeframes ?
Here's a summary of all our collection and delivery options.


  • Free delivery on orders $99 and over.

FREE on orders $99+

Big & bulky

Our Big & bulky delivery service is for orders with 10 or more items which are too large or heavy to go through the standard post. If an order qualifies for Big & bulky, it will be listed on the checkout page.

  • Big & bulky is for orders of 10 or more items.
  • You should contact us at info@kiddyplanet.ca to get your shipping quotation.
  • 7- 10 business days.

Events Delivery

Events delivery is only available on the week leading to an event. The list of events is constantly updated with upcoming events and is available on the checkout page.

  • Free delivery on all orders.
  • On the day of the event.


Can I track my order? 

Yes, you can. Use the link provided in the fulfillment notification email.

Can I cancel or make changes to my order? 

Once you’ve placed your order, your items will be on their way to dispatch. This means cancellations aren’t possible.

However, once you have received your order, you can return it following the instruction on our return & exchanges page.

Do you deliver to my area? 

Our partner delivers to most areas within Canada and the United States.

For Big & Bulky items delivery options may be limited. 


Can I buy a gift certificate from the website? 

Yes, please check our Gift Cards Page.

How do I purchase a gift? 

Like any normal order, once you found the perfect gift card you add it to your cart and add a note marking it as a gift. We can personalize it with a note.

Can I have an item gift-wrapped? 

Please contact us via our chat, we will be more than happy to assist.

How does delivery work? 

Delivery options are the same for all orders.