Kids Lunch Bag Flamingo Tropical - Best Lunch Bag in USA
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Flamingo Tropical Lunch Bag from Kiddy Planet Bento Lunch Boxes

    Lunch Bag Flamingo Tropical

    $9.99 $49.99

      Have a child at home means brings daily lunch to school.

      If you take your child to school or goes alone, don’t think too much about his/her lunch box!

      Our new lunch bags are MADE to make it easy for children to carry their lunch wherever they go.

      Their stylish design helps YOUR little ones carry easily their lunch, at school, picnic or for a trip. They will be what your kids need.

      Take them far and wide, we made that these insulated lunch bags SPECIFICALLY to keep foods and drinks cooler or WARMER for longer.

      OUR BAGS ARE made by premium materials for a long durability with a perfect lining material that makes them easy to clean.

      They are great ADDITION to your kid’s lunch adventures.


      Easy to carry for little ones

      Large and flexible

      Easy to clean

      Durable materials