Bento Lunch Box 4-6 compartments Soccer leakproof Bento Box
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Andres soccer Bento Boxes from Kiddy Planet Bento Lunch Box
Opened Andres soccer Bento Boxes from Kiddy Planet Bento Lunch Box
Soccer Bento Boxes from Kiddy Planet Bento Lunch Box
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Bento Boxes dimensions from Kiddy Planet Bento Lunch Box

    Bento Lunch Box 4 & 6 compartments Soccer - Leakproof

    $34.99 $49.99

      Looking for an innovative snack box devoted for a light meal?

      The answer is here!

      Kiddy planet bento snack boxes are a small version of our previous kids lunch boxes. Optimized for packing a small various kinds of goodies.

      They come in three new designs, for kids and adults, the blue soccer, the little cute princess, and the blue plain turquoise one.

      The snack box is made specially to store small portions such as vegetables, fruits, cheese…. It can be a regular companion beside Kiddy planet lunch box.

      At school, for a picnic or even for a trip, this new product is more than adequate to keep your snacks look and taste great.

      The eco-friendly snack box is made out of two pieces, the exterior box, and the inner tray formed from a high quality of plastic and divided to four compartments. The two pieces are fit together to provide a leak-proof characteristic that allow to hold wet foods if needed.

      With the four compartments, Children will benefit of a variety of food, and the picky eaters can be motivated to eat, by getting appetizing and colorful nutritious food combinations.


      This snack box can be used as a 6 compartment as well. Just add the 2 little compartments and you are all set. Clever right?

      This original snack box can be used also as a lunch box for toddlers and preschoolers, as it can carry about 5kg!


      High quality and food safe materials: (BPA free & phthalates free).

      Easy to open for little hands.

      Perfect for kids and adults.

      Pack wet foods like yogurt, sauce and jam ... (not water).

      Microwave safe: only the inner tray to heat food.

      Easy to clean: removable PP board to clean.


      Size: 21*15*4.5cm

      Capacity: 5 kg