Where to buy Bento lunch box containers ?
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Where to buy Bento lunch box containers ?

by Youssy Lahbabi on December 09, 2021

Bento lunch boxes are the ultimate solution for those who doesn't like to pack food for work or even for their kids.

They give us the opportunity to pack our food in the morning and keep it fresh until it’s time for lunch.

These boxes comes with sealed compartments, to separate the meal into a variety of smaller portions to make lunch a moment of fun. But this also prevents food from leaking out of the box or turning everything like a soggy mess.

Bento Lunch box containers are available on our website, and we can help you choose the right one for you and your little ones.

Here is our selection for you:

- Bento lunchbox 4 compartments:

If you are looking for a large bento lunch box, we've got you covered with our selection. They are:

- Leak-proof 
- They come with 2 Kid-friendly latches
-They come in 3 different designs Unicorn, Dino, and Fox
- Compact design
- Easy to clean, the inner tray is dishwasher & microwave safe

- Bento lunch box 4 to 6 compartments:

Finally options in the same container!!
Need 4 compartments or 6? It’s all in ONE!!

- High quality and food safe materials: (BPA free & phthalates free).
- Easy to open for little hands.
- Perfect for kids and adults.
- Pack wet foods like yogurt, sauce and jam ... (not water).
- Microwave and dishwasher safe: only the inner tray to heat food.
- Easy to clean: removable PP board to clean.

- Bento lunchbox 2in1 with a food jar:

No more boring faces during mealtime.

These new lunch boxes are made from safe BPA-free plastics and premium food grade silicone, these great characteristics allowing you to keep your food at the perfect temperature. The Air insulation prevents the heat to reach foods, then have a fresh and yummy lunch.

The food jar is a key element beside the lunch dividers. The stainless steel material and the two layers of food grade permit you to offer a healthy and varied sumptuous meal to your little one (he/she deserves the best, right?).

It keeps all the ingredients fresh and nice, cold or warm.

- Stainless Steel 5 compartments Bento Lunch Box: 

- Perfect for adults and older kids 8+
- It’s less expensive over time
- Non-toxic and non-leaching
-Very hygienic
- And of course, it’s better for the environment

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