How to keep cut apple fresh inside the bento lunch box?
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How to keep cut apple fresh inside the bento lunch box?

by Youssy Lahbabi on December 20, 2021

The majority of moms prefer to compose their kid’s lunch from a big portion of fruits since they can low the risk of Diabetes and are very helpful to their growth.

The apple slices have become a very common snack especially for kids, they are very nutritive, full of vitamin C and potassium.

But once they turn brown, they become unappetizing. The brown texture is due to the oxidation, when the food is in contact with air, and this how we can explain the fact that they quickly change the color once we cut them in slices.

We have these few old-fashioned tricks for you, hoping that it can help you to prevent your cut apple from oxidizing.

-We suggest you a solution with an ingredient that we can easily find “The citric acid”
The citric acid is the main ingredient to preserve apples and keep them from oxidizing, we can find it in a natural form in lemons, limes, oranges, and pineapple
It's also dehydrated and crystallized for a long-lasting preservative, and in various forms, is perfect for keeping sliced apples ready for lunch or an easy snack!

- Or you can also keep your apple slices in a zip-lock bag, by pressing out the air, it will keep your apples from turning brown.

- The choice of the bento lunch boxes is also an important factor; a good choice will get us to avoid or at least to reduce the probability to have this kind of problems. You will need a hermetic lunch box, the one which allows you to take away your lunch considering all the hygienic conditions and with it being fully protected from any external incidents.

Kiddy Planet have to you a large product range that respects the whole hygienic conditions and that going to satisfy all the aspects of your needs.


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