How to pack a bento lunch box?
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How to pack a bento lunch box?

by Youssy Lahbabi on December 13, 2021

1- Choose your container:

A good choice of the lunchbox is a real philosophy of life, and you have to be aware of the different characteristics and aspects on which you will base your choice.

2- Plan your meal:

Meal ideas can be difficult for many parents. But it doesn't have to be complicated.

However, the fastest things to pack in a bento box are deconstructed items like sandwiches and tacos, where the ingredients are separated. This way your child can have fun putting them together on their own.
Make sure you introduce lots of colorful foods that equals lots of nutrition. Always aim for a main course, vegetables, fruits and a little treat to eat at the end of the meal.

3- Choose your accessories:

Now start the fun! Some bento boxes come with forks and spoons. But you can also add chopsticks or even spades. If you need even more subdivisions in the box, silicone baking tins or stainless containers are a popular option and come in many different colors and sizes.

4- Add the final touches:

If you're looking for that little extra excitement, you can use shape cookie or sandwich cutters or add sprinkles to foods like yogurt or cottage cheese.


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