How to keep strawberries and fruits fresh inside a bento lunch box ?
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How to keep strawberries and fruits fresh inside a bento lunch box ?

by Youssy Lahbabi on December 09, 2021

Fruits are very important in kid’s development, but it is always such a struggle to carry them in kid’s lunch box and they may come back home with uneaten fruit in their lunchboxes. The main reason behind it is that by lunchtime, that fruit is a gooey mess.
However, we must take care to cut and pack the fruits and veggies in such a way that they stay fresh, and the nutrient loss may be minimal.

Tip n ° 1: wrap the fruit in a cloth

Round fruits like apples, peaches or pears and wrap them in the soaking paper or a dry cloth. Then tie the top of the fabric with a knot, so your fruit doesn't roll around in your lunch bag.

Tip # 2: keep the apple slices crisp

Dip your slices in the solution prepared before which contains two cups of cold water and one-eighth of a teaspoon of salt for five minutes. Then drain and wrap in an airtight container and you are good to go.

Tip # 3: Keep Strawberries Cool

Leave the strawberries whole and wash them. This way they can stay fresher for longer.

Tip # 4: Kiwi Pop-ups

Peel the kiwi, cut it into thick slices, insert a popsicle stick or lollipop stick into one end and freeze it on a platter or plate. Each unit of kiwi will give you about 3-4 pops.

Tip # 5: prevent bananas from turning brown

Bananas are a very common and nutritious fruit. Most of the time when we send bananas to a lunch box, they turn brown. One way to preserve your bananas is to add plastic wrap to the stem. This will prevent it from ripening too quickly. Throw it in your kid's lunch bag and you're good to go.


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