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How to keep food cold in your bento lunch box?

by Youssy Lahbabi on November 30, 2021

We spend plenty of our time pinning school lunch ideas — healthy, balanced meals that are fun to pack and delicious to eat.

No matter what you pack, you'll want to make sure your homemade lunch is fresh, safe, and healthy for your child to eat at lunchtime. Not only is the hot turkey sandwich that collapses unappetizing, it can also be dangerous to eat.

Here are the most asked questions, on which we will focus in this article:

• How to keep sandwich cold in lunch box?
• How to keep lunch cold without using an ice pack?
• How to keep lunch box cold?
• How to keep bento box cold?
• Where to put ice pack in lunch box?
• How to keep pizza rolls warm for lunch?

1- How to keep sandwich cold in lunch box?

The simple way to keep your sandwich cold is to use an ice pack and an insulated lunch bag.


Perishable foods, like cold sandwiches and yogurts, are often overlooked at temperature for not quite 2 hours before they become unsafe to eat.

With an insulated lunch box and an ice pack, perishable food can stay cold and safe until lunch.

Here is our selection of lunch bags:

2- How to keep lunch cold without an ice pack?

- Use insulated food containers:

Insulated food storage containers are the best containers for keeping food like fruit, yogurt and applesauce cold and at a safe temperature.

- Use a sponge as an ice pack:

If you don’t have ice packs, you can substitute them with a new sponge. Wet it, wring it out, put it in a bag and throw it in the freezer overnight. You can use it the next morning, it will be as effective as an ice pack.

- Freeze the juice box:

If you are using juice cans, you can also freeze them for use as ice packs. This is a win win. You drink a cool drink and keep everything else cold too.

3- How to keep lunch box cold? / How to keep bento box cold?

You can keep your food cold by using an insulated lunch bag. You'll carry yummies for your lunch that you simply wouldn't be able to carry inside a brown paper lunch bag.

Choose a bento box if your child is a picky eater. Also, this will help to lay out in a visually appealing way without any extra effort, and simple foods like fruit, veggies, proteins, and “fun foods” can be packed up for a balanced and healthy lunch.

Your lunch will stay fresh all day in these boxes.

Keep your cold food at 40 °F (4 °C) or below. Bacteria can grow on food at temperatures above these. This step is not just for taste, but for safety’s sake, as well.

Then you will have a lunch as cool as you are!

4- Where to put ice pack in lunch box?

You can simply get a lunch bag and pack your child’s lunch box as well as the ice pack inside. Usually, all the lunch bags have a small pocket to insert an ice pack.

5- How to keep pizza rolls warm for lunch?

Packing a hot lunch? Use an insulated container in order to keep your food warm until lunchtime. Before you warm up your food, fill the container with boiling water and let it stand while you warmth your food.

Heat your food at 165°F, then empty the water from the insulated container, wrap your food and seal it tight.

And enjoy 😉


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