Why should you use stainless steel containers inside a bento lunch box
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Why should you use stainless steel containers inside a bento lunch box?

by Youssy Lahbabi on June 04, 2021

Game Changing Bento Lunch Box Tip for busy parents!

With the beginning of the school year, each mother begins to change the daily system of the whole house, in purpose to make it suitable to kids at different stages of study. And the quality of meals is the most important change that mothers focus on. 

Kids spend more than a quarter of their day outside the home, and the mother must take into account the proper nutrition of the child at this time. And the package of kid’s meal is a basic element to get a healthy food. Because when it comes to the issue of food preparation, mothers want to be sure that they are getting the right quality.

Why should you use stainless steel containers?

Beside the bento lunch box for kids and adults that our store provides, Kiddy planet offer the Food stainless steel containers, they become an important addition to our cute kids stuff we have.

On one hand, these containers are perfect for kids of all ages to take to school, and they help mothers to treat children with healthy lunches and snacks, because of their stainless steel antimicrobial feature that help to prevent germs and bacteria from reaching the food.

Moreover, bento lunch box container can easily pack a variety of different foods including vegetables, nuts, yogurt, cheese, soup and more, they are ideal for keeping wet messy foods with a food grade silicone rubber seal to prevent leaking.

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So, whether you are just going to school, or you’ve planned a special day away, take along our practical Food containers. You’ll always have something tasty with you without messy spills.

On the other hand, you know that this practical items is used daily. Stainless steel containers is nearly perfect for all food storage. Not only it’s durable but long lasting too.

Many households store food products in glass boxes. They provide better food storage capacity and the same time keep germs and bacteria at bay allowing the food to have a longer shelf life. However, glass containers are fragile and can break easily with slight bumps or if it drops on hard surfaces. While the Stainless steel containers are durable and at the same time aesthetically appealing compared to glass counterparts.

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Our Food containers are not perfect only for daily use, but they are also ideal and convenient for picnic and travel. And the  freezer storage feature that these stainless steel containers provide helps the mothers to save time by planning for meals and snacks in advance.


Kiddy planet Food containers are now available in two versions: the top size container! For 175 ml, Perfect for packing lunches, snacks, yoghurt, or any other food, hot or cold.

And the mini container! For 50ml ideal for sauce and dressing

We have also another version, perfect for batch cooking:

It includes 6 containers:

- 4 big containers with a capacity of: 950 ml, 680 ml, 400 ml, and 220 ml. 

Perfect for packing lunches, snacks, yogurt, or other food, hot or cold. 

- 2 mini containers with a capacity of: 100 ml and 50 ml.

Ideal for guacamole, sour cream, sauce and dressing.


There are many reasons why you should choose a stainless steel container for food storage. Check out these amazing features of stainless steel containers for food storage.

stainless steel container is non-toxic. It is non-reactive and completely safe for storage of acidic foods. Because of this, you can say that it is safe to use in keeping your family’s good health.

They require low maintenance, resist scuff marks and smudges, and does not absorb dirt. You can easily clean the container by rinsing with water and with a cleaning solution for your dishes and utensils. The sleek, shiny, and smooth appearance of the stainless steel are easy to keep with proper care.

Unlike other food containers made from cast iron or brass, stainless steel can keep its luster longer. It can resist moisture, so it does not rust which mean that you can use it as long as you want to.

The nonporous surface of stainless steel makes it resistant to bacteria and germs compared to plastic.

 One notable feature of stainless steel is durability. It does not break like glass or plastic even if you drop it.

One good reason to choose stainless steel containers is to get rid of plastic boxes. They can be brought at home from the office or school and use the next day.

While you can use reusable plastic containers, think twice. Nothing can change the eco-friendly feature of stainless steel.



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